Through the Times

This site will try to show how the Norwegian Donald Duck comic was in the 60ies. Other years will possibly be featured later also. I've got quite a good collection of these comics, and hope that some may find a web-site dedicated to these years interesting. There's a link to each year, and this will tell a bit about what's special for the year, the highlights, what artists are used and so on. You'll also find lots of scans from the comics. Maybe you don't agree with me on what are highlights, and stories I like, maybe you don't care too much about, and vice versa, but if there are stories you feel should have been mentioned here, please give me a word.

I also write a bit how good I think the different years are, and I won't only mention the good things. Not everything was perfect, and the quality in the mid of the 60ies and at the end of the 70ies was declining, in my opinion.

Further more I'll say a bit about how the comic is put together, what Disney-characters are used and so on.

You will also find an introduction to some of the artists. As a 'new' artist is featured in the comic, I will try to write a little bit about him/her. I will also say a bit about how good I regard the artist, but remember, this is just my opinion, and other people may think otherwise.

So far only a few years are featured on this site, but more is to come. There will be some time between each update though, as I use quite some time on each year. I will always appreciate feedback, so feel free to send me a mail, or to put a message in the guest-book.