Highlights | 1960

Nr.1, Donald Duck - The Lovelorn Fireman (W WDC 225)
This year starts with a Barks 10-pager with Donald as fireman. It's not the first time he's got this job in a Barks-story, but this time he's actually quite successful in his job, but unfortunately it affects his relationship with Daisy.
Nr.2-4, Mickey Mouse - The Monster of Sawtooth Mountain (W WDC 220-222)
Mysterious monster threatens Chief O'Hara's cousin's winter hotel. By Fallberg/Murry.
Nr.4-6, Uncle Scrooge - The Strange Shipwrecks (W US 23)
A ghostly menace is wrecking Scrooge's merchant fleet - and his nerves! Carl Barks.
Nr.8-10, Uncle Scrooge - The Flying Dutchman (W US 25)
In search of the Flying Dutchman a ghostly ship shadows the deafaring ducks! Carl Barks.
Nr.10-12, Mickey Mouse - Alaskan Adventure (W WDC 223-225)
Yet another exciting Mickey-story by Fallberg/Murry, this time located in Alaska.
Nr.13, Li'l Bad Wolf - Talking Through His Hat (W OS 403)
Funny 12-pages story where Li'l Wolf gets a powerful voice by an invention hidden in his hat. Drawn by Gil Turner.
Nr.14, Donald Duck - Spring Fever (W WDC 223)
Donald does illegal fishing, while his nephews try to make a kite. To avoid the law, Donald ruins the kite all the time. Carl Barks.
Nr.15, Li'l Bad Wolf (W OS 403)
Blue Fairy makes Big Wolf good and gives her magic wand to Li'l Wolf. Art by Gil Turner.
Nr.16-18, Donald Duck - One For The Whammy (W DD 65)
Fun story about Donald who will try to win a big silver-cup in an unusual competition with his cousin. One of Bob Gregory best stories, drawn by Tony Strobl.
Nr.19, Donald Duck - The Watchful Parents (W WDC 228)
Donald and the boys are going to South-America, and Donald is going to look after the boy, but instead they have to rescue him all the time. A remake of the story 'Taming the Rapids (W WDC 58)' from 1945. By Carl Barks.
Nr.20-22, Uncle Scrooge - The Money Champ (W US 27)
The second Barks-story with Flintheart Glomgold. This time Scrooge and Flintheart compete by making huge piles of coins, and the one with the biggest pile wins. Then a shrinking-formula enters the scene.
Nr.22, Donald Duck - The Black Forest Rescue (W WDC 227)
Donald is hiding in the Black Forest as a test for the Junior Woodchucks' rescue rehearsal. Carl Barks.
Nr.23, Donald Duck - Black Wednesday (W WDC 230)
Donald and the nephews try to sell hair potion to bald indians to stop Duckburg's curse. Carl Barks.
Nr.24, Donald Duck - The Beachcombers' Picnic (W WDC 224)
Donald and Gladstone compete to find the nicest shield to win the chance to picnic with Daisy. A remake of the 1950-story 'Wild about Flowers' (W WDC 117). They are both made by Carl Barks.
Nr.24-26, Uncle Scrooge - The Prize of Pizarro (W US 26)
Scrooge and his nephews find hidden Inca city on top of the Andes in South-America. Carl Barks.
Nr.25, Donald Duck - Jungle Hi-jinks (W WDSF 2)
Donald and the nephews visit Africa to win a film contest. Unknown writer, but drawn by Carl Barks.
Nr.26, Donald Duck - The Floating Island (W WDC 226)
Scrooge finds island watching satellite image on TV. Carl Barks.
Nr.26-28, Goofy - Muddled Mutiny (W OS 952)
Goofy provokes a mutine on smugglers' ship. No Mickey in this story, but that doesn't matter. Goofy fixes the problems in his own special way. Good story by Fallberg/Murry.
Nr.27, Uncle Scrooge and Gyro Gearloose - Fun? What's That? (W WDSF 2)
Scrooge and Gyro travel to have fun by doctor's order, but it doesn't turn out as they thought. Carl Barks.
Nr.29, Donald Duck - The Wax Museum (W WDC 231)
Donald works the night-shift in the wax-museum and thinks a group of people gong to a carnival belong to the museum. By Carl Barks, but the idea is from his daughter Peggy. A remake of the story 'Watching the Watchman (W WDC 89) from 1947.
Nr.30-32, Mickey Mouse - Goofy's Prize Fight (W OS 116)
Goofy turns out being a master-boxer, but alas only when he thinks his opponent is cruel to children or animals. His opponent tries to take advantage of this, and acts like he's a real saint. Fun story with unknown writer, but drawn by Don Gunn as early as in 1946.
Nr.33, Huey, Dewey and Louie - The Dramatic Dilemma (W DG 22)
The boys are hired to star a movie. Donald wears lion costume and manages to screw everything up. Drawn by Tony Strobl.
Nr.34-36, Mickey Mouse - The Fantastic Fog (W WDC 226-228)
Gyro has invented a machine to make fog magentic, and some villains try to use this for their shady business. By Falleberg/Murry.
Nr.36-38, Donald Duck - Food For Thought (W DD 67)
Donald has invented a new mechanical toy, and tries this in a bulldozer-race for his uncle Scrooge. Written by Bob Gregory, drawn by Tony Strobl.
Nr.38-40, Mickey Mouse - Ridin' the Rails (W WDC 173-175
Mickey and Goofy work on a railway and uses this to help Grandma Duck when she decides to start mining in an old mine she has inherited. Some villains make things hard for our heroes. Good Fallberg/Murry-story from 1955.
Nr.41, Donald Duck - The Good Deeds (W WDC 229)
DD tries to receive rewards for good deeds, pilots fumigating airplane. Remake of the 1943-story 'Good Deeds (W WDC 34), the first story with Neighbor Jones. Carl Barks.
Nr.42, Donald Duck - Riding the Pony Express (W WDC 234)
Donald and several others try to simulate the indians attack on the Pony-express. He gets to play the postman who is to deliver an important letter, but when he gets a real letter to be delivered, trouble starts, as the 'indians' try to stop him. Donald actually gets scalped in this story. By Carl Barks.
Nr.44, Donald Duck - Under the Polar Ice (W WDC 232)
Huey, Dewey and Louie are going on an expedition to the North-pole, and to avoid being at home working with the potatoes, Donald secretly go with them. He soon understands that he should have stayed at home though. Carl Barks.
Nr.44-46, Donald Duck - The Fabulous Fiddlesticks (W DD 68)
Scrooge buys a bridge in Venice because of its rare wood, to make violins. A very good story by Bob Gregory, art by Tony Strobl.
Nr.46-48, Mickey Mouse - The Idol of Moaning Island (W WDC 214-216)
Pete steals idol to get pearls from islanders. This island is also seen in the story 'Peculiar Problems On Pearl Island' (D2331), written by Jørgen Jensen and art by Tello. This story was published in the Norwegian weekly in number 13-15/1973.
Nr.48, Donald Duck - Knights of the Flying Sleds (W WDC 233)
Huey, Dewey and Louie are knights on flying sleds, and so would Donald like to be, without success. Carl Barks.
Nr.49-50, Donald Duck - The Christmas Cha Cha (W DG 26)
Donald and Daisy enter a Christmas dance cha cha contest, and Donald also tries to sell Christmas cards and decorate a club. Story by Bob Gregory, art by Carl Barks.
Nr.50-52, Donald Duck - The Secret Of The Glacier (W DD 51)
Story written by Carl Fallberg, drawn by Tony Strobl. In his youth, Scrooge found gold, bu way home in his sled with the gold, the sled got stuck in the ice. Unable to retrieve it, he marks the place with his gun, to come after it later. Now 50 years later, the time is right to get it. Don Rosa adopted this idea in his story 'Last Sled to Dawson' (AR 113).
Nr.53, Donald Duck - Forbidden Valley (W DD 54)
Donald and the nephews travel to Latin America in search of pest-controlling razor wasps, but a villain P.J. McBrine tries to stop them. This great story is presented in the whole in this issue. It's actually a remake of the story 'Darkest Africa' (W MOC 20), amd by Barks in 1947. Don Rosa also made a sequel to this story. This was 'Escape From Forbidden Valley' (D 98346), published in the Norwegian weekly in number 30-31/1999.
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