Features | 1960

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1960 is a year of high quality, and the main reason for this, are the many good stories by Carl Barks and Fallberg/Murry, but also stories drawn by Tony Strobl are often very good. Of course, some things could also have been better. First, the coloring could have been far better, and the print quality made often the art diffuse, something that can be seen in the examples on this site. Not all the stories were of equal quality either, and particularly the high amount of stories of Scamp, make the comics a bit duller. I would also say that even if Barks always was very good, this period is maybe his weakest (if such a word can be used on this great creator). In this period he made lots of remakes of his earlier 10-pagers, and some of his stories aren't as good as those we've seen earlier and later in his career. Even so, this is a year that I definitely would like to recommend.

One of the special things this year, is that we often find two multipart-series in the same issue. The week one multipart-story ends, another begins, and it's always a Donald-story and Mickey-story every second time.
Another very common thing in this period, is that many stories begin with Donald and the boys looking at a photo-album, and this photo is relevant for the story unfolding. Here is an example from a Strobl-story in number 8 this year.
It was also very usual with a back-cover this year. Here's an example.
Quizzes for the children where they could win prizes, were also becoming more usual now. This used to be on the second last page, the inside of the cover. Usually there was a half page of quiz, and a half page with solutions for quiz in previous number. Example:
Ads were becoming more usual this year, and here's yet another example.
Number 50 this year was a bit unusual, as this number doesn't only have the usual series, but alo include several quizzes and other things for the kids to do or make. Example:
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