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The way this comic is put together this year, is typical for this period. 44% of the pages are dedicated to Donald&Co, while 29% of the pages are stories with Mickey&Co. Only 5% of the pages are with the wolves, something that is much less than what was usual in the 50ies, but it's typical for this period. 6% of the pages are about Chip and Dale, and there's an equal amount if pages for Scamp, and for this character only 1961 and 1962 have a greater amount of pages.

I we take a look at the usual content in a Norwegian Donald Duck comic this year, we'll see that they always start with a Donald-story, and some times this can be a part of a multipart-story. Nearly all this first-stories are drawn either by Carl Barks or Tony Strobl.
Carl Barks Tony Strobl
First-story by Carl Barks ...and by Tony Strobl

As mentioned, there are lots of multipart-stories this year, and only with a few exceptions, they are either a Barks-story featuring the ducks, or a FallbergMurry-story featuring Mickey&Co.
Tony Strobl Paul Murry
Multipart-story by Tony Strobl ...and by Paul Murry

The rest of the stories could feature diverse characters. Some times it could be Donald-stories, mainly drawn by Barks or Murry, but most of these stories feature Mickey and his friends. Mickey isn't always the main character, it could as well be Goofy or Pluto. Most of these Mickey-stories are drawn by jack Bradbury, but almost as many are drawn by Murry and Strobl.
Almost a third of the comics have a story featuring Chip and Dale, and they were the main bi-characters this year. As bi-characters I regard characters that have nothing to do with Donald&Co and Mickey&Co. Most of these Chip and Dale stories were drawn by either Harvey Eisenberg or Phil DeLara.
Almost as common as Chip and Dale, is Scamp this year, and all these stories are without exception drawn by Al Hubbard.
The rest of this annual, is mostly dedicated to the wolves, and most of these stories are drawn by jack Bradbury.
Jack Bradbury Harvey Eisenberg
Goofy by Jack Bradbury Chip and Dale by Phil DeLara
Al Hubbard Jack Bradbury
Scamp by Al Hubbard Li'l Bad Wolf by Jack Bradbury

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