Artists | 1960

The most used artist this year, is Tony Strobl. He's got as much as 23% of all pages in this annual, much more than the year before. For the first time in history, Barks is not at the top when it comes to number of pages, and Strobl would now be at the first position in many years to come. Most of Strobl's art seen this year, is about Donald&Co, but he's also got other characters, mainly Goofy. Here is an example from number 3, where Donald thinks some space-men really are his nephews. (W DD 63-04).
Number 2 this year is Carl Barks with 20% of the pages, and even if he's surpassed by Barks, there are few years with as many Barks-pages as this one. The example is from Daisy Duck's Diary (Donald's Party, W OS 1055), a story written by Bob Gregory.
Number 3 is Paul Murry with 17% of the pages, just a little more than the year before, and this is one of the years with most Murry. We see him most as a Mickey-artist, but he also have a few series with Donald, and with Chip and Dale. The example is from number 42, where Goofy and Gilbert are detectives (Test Tube Detective, W DD 70).
Number 4 is Jack Bradbury with 12% of the pages. This is a major decline from the year before, as this was the year he was most used. We can see him as the artist of both Mickey, Donald, the wolves and Chip an Dale this year. As for Murry, most of what he drew, was written by Carl Fallberg. Here in the story 'Danger Down Under' (W MM 61), printed in the issues 18 - 20 this year.
Number 5 is Al Hubbard with 8% of the pages, a major increase from the year before, but still far from his top-years 1961 and 1962. He drew mainly Scamp, but also some other stories as Chip and Dale. This example is from issue number 13 (W WDC 223).
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