Highlights | 1961

Nr.2-4, Uncle Scrooge - The Great Steamboat Race (W US 11)
Scrooge and another rich guy decide to complete an old steamboat-race their uncles began many years ago. This story was later referred to by Don Rosa in his story about the Life of Uncle Scrooge. Carl Barks.
Nr.3, Donald Duck - The Lost Peg Leg Mine (W DD 52)
Scrooge and the nephews search for a lost gold-mine, and have to trade with rats to get the gold. Carl Barks.
Nr.4, Donald Duck - Days at the Lazy K (W WDC 59)
An old Barks-story from 1945. Donald tries to tame a wild little horse with no success. Barks later made a remake of this story (The Littlest Chicken Thief, W WDC 219), where he used a little coyote instead of the horse. This story could be read in number 36-1959.
Nr.4-6, Mickey Mouse - The Brave Little Tailor (W SS 1)
The comic-book adaptation of the film with the same name. Mickey is the Tailor who everybody believes has killed 7 giants. Don't know who drew this story, but he did a great job. This story was also a remake of the old Merrill De Maris/Floyd Gottfredson story made in 1938.
Nr.5, Donald Duck - Taming the Rapids (W WDC 58)
Old Barks-classic from 1945 where Donald is supposed to look after the kids in the wilderness, but needs to get rescued himself. Barks later made a remake of this story (The watchful Parents, W WDC 228), and this story could be read in number 19/1960.
Nr.6, Uncle Scrooge - Hound of the Whiskervilles (W US 29)
Barks-story telling a bit about Scrooge's origin. He and the nephews go to Scotland to find Scrooge family-tartan, and we're also introduced to the Whiskervilles. Don Rosa referred to this story in his story 'The Last of the Clan McDuck', the first part of the 'Life of Uncle Scrooge' series.
Hunden fra Wiskerwille
Nr.6-8, Uncle Scrooge - Back To Long Ago! (W US 16)
Donald and Scrooge are hypnotized to remember ancestors' treasure island. Some of Donald's family tree is based on this story. Carl Barks.
Nr.8, Mickey Mouse - The Sorcerer's Apprentice (W SS 2)
Comic version of "Fantasia"'s Sorcerer Apprentice part. Here drawn by Paul Murry.
Nr.10-12, Uncle Scrooge - The Second-richest Duck (W US 15)
The very first story featuring Flintheart Glomgold, but this is the second time we meet him in a Norwegian comic, as his second story was published in 1960. Scrooge and Flintheart compete who's the richest, and it all comes down to a ball of string.
Nr.12, Donald Duck - Sky-high Society (W DD 71)
Because of his great success as a chemist , Donald's invited to a high-society party, he just has to invent something that will help the sore feet of the women dancing for an invited sultan. Fun story drawn by Tony Strobl.
Nr.12-14, Mickey Mouse - The Great Stamp Hunt (W WDC 194-196)
Mickey and Goofy hunt on a bananas island to find a copy of a rare stamp which got accidentally burned. Good Fallberg/Murry-story from 1956.
Nr.14-16, Donald Duck - The Kitchy-kaw Diamond (W DD 40)
Donald and the boys go to the North Pole to get a diamond for Scrooge. Scrooge's not very nice in this story, as he uses a hypnotist to see to that Donald gets into financial trouble, and then has to work for him to get out of it. Drawn by Tony Strobl.
Nr.16, Donald Duck - The Village Blacksmith (W WDC 239)
Another of Barks expert-series. Bungling blacksmith Donald tries to melt old historic cannon.
Nr.17, Donald Duck - Secret Of The Sargasso Sea (W DD 72)
Good story written by Bob Gregory, drawn by Tony Strobl. Scrooge and the others try to find gold in the Sargasso Sea.
Nr.18, Donald Duck - The Fraidy Falcon (W WDC 240)
Donald trains shy falcon for parachuting trick. Sweet Barks 10-pager.
Nr.18-20, Uncle Scrooge - Pipeline to Danger (W US 30)
Scrooge and the nephews are assembling oil pipeline in desert, finding little Arabian ducks inside crater. Carl Barks.
Nr.19, Gyro Gearloose - The Gab-Muffer (W OS 1047)
Very funny story by Carl Barks, where Gyro invents a remote control to turn down the sound of noisy Huey, Dewey and Louie. When a fires starts nobody is able to call the fire department. In the background Little Helper and Bolivar are playing checkers, and they also save the day.
Nr.20, Donald Duck - The Dog-sitter (W WDC 238)
DD takes care of shaggy dog for his nephews. A remake of this story was later made, drawn by Tony Strobl.
Nr.23, Donald Duck - Mystery of the Loch (W WDC 237)
Donald takes photos of the Loch Less monster and is swallowed up by it. Carl Barks.
Nr.25, Mickey Mouse (ZM 022)
Mickey, Goofy and Pluto og on a vacation down the river. Story written by Hubie Karp and drawn by Bill Wright. It was made in 1943, and lots of references to the hard times under the war can be seen.
Nr.28-30, Mickey Mouse - The Timber Treasure Trail (W MM 58)
Goofy wants to prove his uncle is innocent of lumberjack's payment stealing. Story by Fallberg/Murry.
Nr.29, Uncle Scrooge - Picnic Time (W DG 33)
Good story drawn by Tony Strobl. Scrooge wants to make a spicy dish, but needs pepper from Polynesia to get it perfect, so they have to take a trip to get it.
Nr.30-32, Donald Duck - The Stone Money Mystery (W DD 69)
Another story srawn by Tony Strobl. Scrooge and his family is on an island looking for a big golden coin, but the local people here don't like gold.
Nr.34, Donald Duck - Rocks to Riches (W WDC 241)
Donald and the boys are in the desert with their stone polisher when Scrooge wants them to polish his diamonds. Not the best story Barks ever made.
Nr.36, Uncle Scrooge - Yoicks! The Fox! (W US 30)
Another remake by Barks. Donald and the boys try to help Scrooge catch a trained fox so that he can prove his sportsmanship. The original story is 'Foxy Relations (W WDC 98) from 1948, but this time Donald was the hunter.
Nr.38-41, Uncle Scrooge - The Seven Cities of Cibola (W US 7)
One of the biggest highlights this year, as it features Barks at his very best. Scrooge takes his nephews on a desert treasure hunt, but after a while they succeed at finding the seven cities of Cibola. Trouble is that the Beagle-Boys are on their trail. Gyro also has small part in the beginning of this story, and I think this is the only long Barks-story where this character is featured.
Nr.40, Uncle Scrooge - Bongo on the Congo (W US 33)
Funny Barks-story where Scrooge wants Donald to learn to be a chief, as he shall inherit his fortune some day. They go to Congo as there are some problems with Scrooge's diamond-mine there. This story never mention possible other inheritants.
Nr.41, Donald Duck - Balloonatics (W WDC 242)
Strange, but rather funny Barks-story where Gyro invents a super-gas which Donald puts in a giant-balloon of himself, to be able to keep an eye on the boys.
Nr.41-45, Mickey Mouse - An Education for Thursday (W WDC 237-241)
Unusual long story. drawn by Paul Murry, written by Merrill De Maris. It's based on another story from 1938 by same writer, but drawn by Floyd Gottfredson, which in turn is based on Robinson Crusoe. Mickey gets a visit by Thursday, almost-twin of Friday, and there are lots of confusion as Thursday has trouble understanding the things of modern society. His behavior towards Goofy is also very strange in this story, but an explanation for this is given at the end of the story. One of my favorite Mickey-stories!
Nr.45-47, Uncle Scrooge - The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan! (W US 14)
Antoher great Barks-classic. Scrooge and his nephews are searching for the lost crown of enghis Khan in the frosty hights of Asia, and finds the abominable snowman has got it.
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