Features | 1961

Price NOK 1,00, 36 pages in each issue.

This annual isn't really that different from the year before. We'll find the same artist, and much of the same kind of stories as in 1960, and the quality is quite high. The only weak thing about this year, is the high amount of stories with Scamp and Chip and Dale. As in the year before, the comic often had two multipart-stories at the same time. In the issue one series was at an end, another started, and it was always a Donald-story and a Mickey-story every second time. At the end of the year, two multipart-stories at the same time, became more rare. Also the paper- and color-quality are the same as the year before, and the art may seem a bit diffuse at time.
Completely new this year, was the introduction of things to collect. The first collection began in number 46, and continued for several issues into the next year. We could even get something to put the collection into. This first collection was called 'Children of the Nature', and every week the reader would get two pictures of wild animals. The back of the picture, had some text describing the animal.
As before, it was usual with a whole-page drawing on the back of the cover. Here's an example:
The weekly had become a bit more commercialistic since the year before. We could find more ads, and very often the quiz was replaced by an ad. Here's an example of a whole-page ad:
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