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This annual is put together much in the same way as the previous one, but there's a little decrease in both stories with Donald&Co and Mickey&Co. 42% of the pages are dedicated to Donald&Co, 28% of the pages are with Mickey&Co and 4% are with the wolves. Series like Chip and Dale and Scamp has an increase, and both these series have 9% of the pages, making this year the top-year for these.

If we take a look at what's the content of an usual issue, we'll see that it always starts with a Donald Duck story, and some times this can be a part of a multipart-story. As for 1960, so are almost all of these first-stories either drawn by Carl Barks or Tony Strobl.
Carl Barks Tony Strobl
First-story by Carl Barks
Days at the Lazy K (W WDC 59)
...and by Tony Strobl
Sports Car Rally (W DD 73)

Also this year, we'll find many multipart-stories. These stories may not have been multipart-stories when they first were published in US, but long stories from the American issues, were often split up I 3 parts for publishing in the Scandinavian weeklies. As before, Barks and Strobl drew most of these multipart-stories when we regard Donald&Co, but as for Mickey&Co, there are almost as many series drawn by Strobl, Bradbury and Moores, as by Paul Murry.
Tony Strobl Dick Moores
Multipart-story by Tony Strobl
Riverboat Shuffle (W DD 73)
...and by Dick Moores
The Mardigras Mystery (W MM 46)

The rest of the stories are as usual with diverse characters, and many of these are with Donald and his universe, that is Scrooge, Gyro, Daisy, Grandma Duck, or Donald himself. Most of these stories are by Carl Barks, but we'll also find some drawn by Tony Strobl and others.
Otherwise many of these stories are dedicated to Mickey and his friends, often Goofy or Pluto. Most of the issues have one such story besides an eventual multipart-story featuring these characters. As for the year before, most of these are drawn by Jack Bradbury, but many are also drawn by Murry and Strobl.
There are unusual many stories with Scamp this year, nearly one in every second issue, and all of them are drawn by Al Hubbard. Hubbard is also the artist who drew most stories with more unusual characters, and this year we'll find stories with for instance Bongo or Jiminy Cricket.
Stories with Chip and Dale are also very common, and this year Jack Bradbury drew most of them. This artist is also the one who drew most of the stories with the wolves seen this year, but these are not as usual as the other mentioned here.
Carl Barks Jack Bradbury
Gyro Gearloose by Carl Barks
The Stubborn Stork (W OS 1047)
Pluto by Jack Bradbury
Bone Bandit Bungle (W OS 1143)
Al Hubbard Jack Bradbury
Scamp by Al Hubbard
A Nose for News (W SC 10)
Chip and Dale by Jack Bradbury
Service With a Smile (W CND 22)

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