Nr.52-3, Uncle Scrooge - Land of the Pygmy Indians (W US 18)
Good start of the year with Barks excellent classic, a story that started the last issue the year before. Scrooge is tired of all the noise and pollution in his hometown and buys a large area of the wilderness to get away from it all. The land is really beautiful, and here live some pygmy Indians, but when Scrooge sees all the richness this land has to offer, it's hard for him to remember that he's not supposed to exploit this land. A very touching story where the interests of the Indians who live by the nature are set up against Scrooge wanting to make a profit.
Nr.8, Gyro Gearloose - Mighty But Miserable (W OS 1184)
Funny Gyro-story by Barks. One of the members of the Beagle Boys gets kicked out, and when he meets Gyro he makes him invent something to make him smart. When the effect is soon lost, all the B-Boys want revenge on Gyro, but in the meantime he's made himself super-strong with another invention. The villains are no longer a problem for Gyro, but he soon sees that being so strong has some disadvantages.
Nr.8-10, Mikke Mus og Ananastyvene
Mikke og Langbein er på Hawaii for å oppklare noen mystiske ananastyverier fra en plantasje som eies av en venn av Mikke. Arbeiderne legger skylden på menehunene, noen bitte små folk som ingen har sett før. En Fallberg/Murry - historie.
Nr.9, Donald Duck - Terrible Tourist (W WDC 248)
Donald is a tourist who tries to steal souvenirs from all the places he visits. The real problems start when he tries to get a rose from one of the local senoritas. This is a remake of an old Barks classic from 1945 (Silent Night, CS WDC 64), a story so violent (something that's not supposed to be combined with Christmas) that the Scandinavian publishers didn't dare publish it until number 50/2001.
Nr.10, Donald Duck - Stranger than Fiction (W WDC 249)
Another very funny story by Barks. Gyro invents a teleporter. When you put something into one of the devices, it reappears out of the other. Donald wants to fool the boys by using the machine on himself, but in the middle of the transfer the machine stops, and only half of Donald comes out. This machine is also used in the Norwegian writer Olaf Solstrand in his story 'Being Donald Duck' (D 2001-013). This one is published in number 26/2003.
Nr.13-15, Mickey Mouse - The Secret of the Whirlpool (W WDC 155-157)
An old story from 1953, written by Fallberg and drawn by Dick Moores. Mickey and Goofy try to help a professor finding a treasure at the bottom of a whirlpool, but Pete wants it also. This is one of the first long Mickey-stories made by Fallberg. Tello later drew a remake of this story, and this one can be read in number 26-27/1978.
Nr.16-17, Uncle Scrooge - That's No Fable! (W US 32)
Scrooge buys a bit of the sump of Florida, and soon finds the Fountain of Youth. A Carl Barks classic.
That's no Fable
Nr.18, Donald Duck - Boxed-In (W WDC 250)
A Barks 10-pager with a not too original plot. Huey, Dewey and Louie want to use their money on the Woodchucks clubhouse, but Donald need it for a picnic trip with Daisy. The boys try to ruin the picnic so that they may get their money back.
Nr.19, Donald Duck - The Madcap Mariner (W WDC 247)
Donald and the boys have to try to win a fishing competition for Scrooge, and get help from Gyro, who is the 'secret weapon'. A bit disappointing Barks-story.
The Madcap Mariner
Nr.20, Donald Duck - Missile Fizzle (W WDC 244)
Good 10-pager by Barks. Donald works as a cleaner at a rocket-base, where somebody is sabotaging the rockets. Some fun satire here, as the generals seem more concerned with Donald's high usage of brooms than the million of dollars lost in ruined rockets. One of the scientists in this story also appears in the Italian Mickey-story 'Topolino e la Base Orbitale' (I TL 648).
Missile Fizzle
Nr.21-23, Uncle Scrooge - The Money Well (W US 21)
Long classic Barks story where we meet Grandpa Beagle for the first time. To prevent being robbed, Scrooge hides his fortune from prying eyes, but alas the place he hides it, is the same place as where Grandpa Beagle used to live. Don Rosa used elements from this story in his story 'His Majesty, McDuck' (AR 145).
Nr.27, Uncle Scrooge - Chugwagon Derby (W US 34)
Another Barks-story. Donald and Scrooge are participants in a car-race with old veteran cars, where everything is allowed. In the Don Rosa story 'Attack of the Hideous Space Monsters' (D 96203), the same car as used in Barks story, can be seen. The first picture right is from the Barks-story, and the other is from the Rosa-story.

Nr.27-29, Mickey Mouse - The Moon-Blot Plot (W WDC 246-248)
A bit strange Fallberg/Murry-story where a gang of thieves want to paint the moon black, so that they won't be so easily seen at their nightly operations. To do this, they need some forced help from Gyro, but Mickey and Goofy are there to stop them. As I re-read this story to make this site, I saw something strange, and I wrote a mail to DCML, and it all resulted in that I got mentioned in INDUCKS!!! I quote: "Halvor Sandven noticed the following. In the first chapter we see Gyro as he first appeared, with the long hair, but when chapter 2 begins he suddenly has got a haircut, looking more like he did in Barks' later stories. When we see him in silhouette, we still can see his longer hair." The rocket used in this story, is also to be seen in the Tello-drawn story 'The Space Marauders' (D 7244).

Nr.29, Uncle Scrooge - Mythtic Mystery (W US 34)
Barks described this story in a letter this way: "Uncle Scrooge and the ducks are getting blown into Valhalla (a wandering small planet that strays into the earth's shadow). This Valhalla is peopled by dog-faces named Thor, Odin, and other names common to the Norse Gods. Also Vulcan, Jupiter, Venus, and the Latin Gods names."
Nr.30-32, Uncle Scrooge - Island in the Sky (W US 29)
Another very good Barks-classic. Scrooge wants to hide his money among the asteroids. First he finds a paradise planet with lots of fruits and other good food, and then in the shadow of this planet, he finds a tiny little, barren planet. This is Scrooge perfect hiding-place, but it's populated by some people living on the eggs of some birds who come from the bigger planet. By an accident Donald scares the birds away, and Scrooge then has the choice between helping this people or hiding his money.
Nr.32, Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse in Vacationland (W DG 47)
This must be the strangest story this year, as it features such diverse characters as Donald, Mickey, Donald's nephews, Scrooge, Daisy, Gyro, Goofy, Minnie, Mickey's nephews, Pluto, Grandma Duck, the wicked witch from Snow White, Captain Hook, Big Bad Wolf, Peg-leg Pete and the Beagle Boys. The good guys want to vacate in Vacation Land, but the witch uses the bad guys to prevent them from having a good time there, but the bad guys soon see that Vacation Land is a pleasant place, so after a while only the witch remains of the bad ones. Interesting comment from Mickey, as he says that he once was the Sorcerer's apprentice, a reference to the short Mickey-story from Fantasia. This long story was drawn by Tony Strobl.
Nr.33-35, Mickey Mouse - The Golden Touch (W WDC 249-251)
Mickey and Goofy travel to a far away country to find the stone that could make gold of metal, but Peg-leg Pete wants it also. Fallberg and Murry.
Nr.39, Donald Duck - Mr. Private Eye (W WDC 252)
Donald has to protect an opal that has a certain hypnotic effect. The Beagle-Boys want to steal this gem. Not the best 10-pager Barks made, but this was the first time he used the Beagle-Boys in a WDC-comic since WDC 135 in 1951.
Nr.39-41, Mickey Mouse - The Great Giveaway Mystery (W WDC 252-254)
Crooks use rare daisy perfume to rob banks and jewelry's. Fallberg/Murry-story.
Nr.42-44, Uncle Scrooge - The Golden Nugget Boat (W US 35)
Good Barks-story with Scrooge, Donald and Gladstone Gander. In most stories featuring Gladstone, it's Donald who has to compete with Gladstone's luck, but this time it's Scrooge who has to beat Gladstone in finding the biggest gold nugget in Alaska. Barks had to make this story quite fast, as he was dumping another story he was making about the Egyptian Aswan Dam. .
Nr.45-49, Mickey Mouse - The Bar None Ranch (W WDC 229-232)
Unusual long story drawn by Paul Murry. This is a re-make of an old DeMaris/Gottfredson-story. Mickey and friends are on a ranch where the women are frequently kidnapped by Pete. Mickey's to the rescue, but Goofy and Clarabelle have also important roles. The original story may be preferred, but this version is also very enjoyable.
Nr.51, Donald Duck - Too Cold to Care (W DD 75)
Long, excellent story written by Bob Gregory, drawn by Tony Strobl. Scrooge wants to become member of a farmer club, and it ends up with Donald and the boys have to take a trip to the South Pool.