The share of stories with Donald&Co this year is the lowest in the whole history of this comic, only 36%. The share of Mickey-related stories though, is higher than ever, 34%. Only the period 1977-1983 has higher share than this. As for the previous years, the share of stories with the wolves is relative low, 4%. Chip and Dale has a small decrease from the year before, but holds 8%, and this makes this annual one of the top-years for these characters. Stories with Grandma Duck is found in 3% of the pages, and Gyro has nearly 6%, a good increase from last year. Little Hiawatha is almost gone, and Scamp has a small decrease, but is still 5.6%.

If we take a look at what's the usual content in a Donald Duck comic this year, it almost always starts with a Donald-story. As with the two previous years, the first story can also be a part of a multipart-story. Barks and Strobl are still the most used artists regarding this first story, but this year Jack Bradbury is almost as usual as those two.
First-story by Carl Barks
Chugwagon Derby (W US 34)
...and by Tony Strobl
The Slapstick Statue (W DG 49)

Also this year there are many multipart-stories, and Barks is the artist mostly used regarding Donald-related stories. Strobl is also used frequently, but not as much as Barks. If we look at stories with Mickey Mouse and friends, most of the multipart-stories we find, is drawn by Paul Murry, but we also find stories drawn by Bradbury, Moore, Wright and McSavage.
Multipart-story by Carl Barks
The Golden Nugget Boat (W US 35)
...og av Paul Murry
The Bar None Ranch (W WDC 229-233)

The rest of the stories is as usual by diverse characters, and many of them belong to Donald and his universe, this can be stories with Scrooge, Gyro Gearloose, Daisy, Grandma Duck, or Donald himself. Most of these stories are made by Carl Barks, but some are also made by Strobl and others.
Otherwise many of these stories are dedicated to Mickey and his friends, often Goofy or Pluto. Most of the issues have such story besides an eventual multipart-story. Most of these are drawn by Paul Murry, but almost as many are drawn by artists like Strobl, Hubbard and Bradbury.
Other usual content are stories with Scamp drawn by Al Hubbard, Chip and Dale drawn by Hubbard, Bradbury and Alvarado, and the pigs and wolves drawn by Bradbury and Murry.
Gyro Gearloose by Carl Barks
Duckburg's Day of Peril (W US 36)
Mickey and Minnie by Paul Murry
Scamp by Al Hubbard
Dumbo's Dilemma (W OS 1204)
Chip and Dale by Jack Bradbury
Business Buddies (W CND 21)